Grand Hyatt Washington


Conveniently situated right on the train station, and in downtown, few clicks from Chinatown.

Foyer is always buzzing with influx of people as is the coffee shops.


A 12-story atrium with a lagoon at its base is a striking focal point.




Grand Club Lounge

The exclusive Grand Club Lounge serves continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres on the private-access 12th floor.

Presidential Suite Parlor
Confirmed suite upgrades are were Hyatt’s best Loyalty incentive – 6000 points for 4 nights
The interior lagoon really adds ambience to the busy foyer.
The Grand Sports Bar has some awesome memorabilia, this, trunks and gloves
autographed by Muhammed Ali.
The room views of the Atrium.
washington capitol
washington dollars
Entry and tours into the Dollar printing factory and all museums are FREE in Washington
Mapping out a route and Russian +  American nukes at the military and space museum.
washington museaum

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