Understanding Hotel Loyalty Programmes


Hotel Loyalty Programmes are the best part of utilising loyalty in any avenue.

There is nothing better than going on a free trip with family for a weeks on end or more at a 5 star hotel worldwide. With hotel loyalty programmes its super easy especially when meals are included in the perks.

Perks matter and every hotel chain has some sort of magic that the other one does not. I will highlight the uniqueness of each below.

The worlds biggest and best loyalty programmes are where you want to spend your money at in order to get the points that will make your stay an investment, not a loss.

They all have sales regularly, bonus point offers ( this is what you want when paying cash) and specials on points / reward bookings alone.

There are 3 ways to book hotels.

1) Cash

2) Points only

3) Combination of Points  + Cash

When rooms are super expensive option 2 and 3 will save you mega bucks



IHG  – Intercontinental

Hotels Group


Loyalty Program: IHG Rewards Club

Earning ratio: 10 points per dollar spent as standard level member. This increases to 100% bonus as top level Spire member.

What I love of IHG: Their special called ‘Pointbreaks‘, hotels that go on special at only 5000 points per night which could cost 50,000 points per night normally. Earning points is super easy so is ‘manufacturing points’. You could easily travel free on points here for months. Update: this has died.

What I wish IHG had: Confirmed suite upgrades, free breakfasts for elites and every 5th night free on points. While I have had great upgrades, complimentary breakfasts and lounge access on many trips there are a lot of instances where you could book a free room and burn yourself paying 16 euro per person for breakfast.







Loyalty Program: Hilton HHonors

Earning ratio: 10 points per dollar spent as standard level member. This increases to 100% bonus as top level Diamond member.

What I love of HILTON: Upgrades and confirmed free breakfasts are seamless through all their brands. They have every 5th night free when booking on points. Hilton offers the best bang for buck, you could travel for months on points very easily here too.

What I wish HILTON had:  Confirmed suite upgrades on booking. A point redemption special on top tier properties, Utilising points alone is very expensive for their top category hotel brands, however in some instances Points + Cash can offset this, but then every 5th night is not free.

Read more on: Hilton HHonors member benefits.






Loyalty Program: Marriott Bonvoy

Earning ratio: 10 points per dollar spent as standard level member.

What I love of Marriott Rewards: They huge and seem to be buying out other brands and expanding. Excellent recognition for Elites and excellent upgrades with breakfasts at certain brands within their portfolio. They offer every 5th night free on points and uniquely offer book on non existent points now pay with earned points later. They have Pointsavers and E-breaks specials consistently. 

What I wish Marriott Rewards had: Consistency for Elites through all their brands. easier point redemptions for their top tier brands. Perks at top level Ritz Carlton is not guaranteed not even for Marriott Reward Platinum members.

Read more on: Marriott Bonvoy member benefits.





hyatt fam
Hyatt Brands

Loyalty Program: World of Hyatt

Earning ratio: 5 points per dollar spent as standard level member.

What I love of Hyatt GP: They the only hotel chain to offer confirmed suite certificates for upgrades for Diamond members. Diamond members get 4x certificates per year for up to seven nights each. This includes access to club lounges. Hyatt’s consistent level of quality properties with finishes therein  is second to none.

What I wish Hyatt GP had: More properties. They minute compared to the other brands. Only 500+ hotels.

Read more on: World of Hyatt member benefits.




GHA – Global Hotel Alliance

Loyalty Program: Discovery


Earning ratio: Local experiences from Platinum to Black levels

What I love of GHA: Double upgrades, Premium hotels in places where other brands are void. Their unique local experience award can be very valuable such Lamborghini drives in Europe to 90minute island massages in Maldives

What I wish GHA had: Points.

Read more on: GHA Discovery member benefits






Loyalty Program: ALL Accor Live Limitless

Earning ratio: 25 points per €10 spent at base level.

What I love of LeClub Accor: Many, many hotels + on a acquisition mission to extend footprint . Consistent promotions. Decent upgrades for Gold and Platinum members. 2000 points = €40 in redemption.

What I wish LeClub Accor had: Points sales with bonuses. 5th night free bonus.

Read more on: Accor ALL member benefits.






Loyalty Program: Radisson Rewards

Earning ratio: 20 points per dollar spent as standard level member. This increases to 100% bonus as top level Concierge member.

What I love of Radisson Rewards: Their EMEA ( Europe, Middle East  & Africa) of buy 1night get 1night free and buy 2 get 2 free over weekends. This works out cheaper than all the sales on the dates. Gold Elites get instant Platinum status with Sixt car rental ensuring 15% off and a vehicle upgrade. (Double upgrade in North America). They have  mammoth point earn options with 3 day car rental.

What I wish Radisson Rewards had:  A point redemption special on top tier properties, Seamless perks through all the brands with complimentary breakfast for Gold Elite members.

Read more on: Radisson Rewards member benefits.




Best Western


Loyalty Programme name: Best Western Rewards

Earning ratio: 10 points per dollar.

What I love of Best Western: Many hotels in Europe and Americas. Consistent promotions. Decent upgrades for Diamond members.

What I wish Best Western had: More quality properties in desirable locations, most of hotels are in the budget /  motel like category.


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