Aug 02

Trip to Hilton Conrad + IHG sale + Saudia Al Fursan point offer

Top of the morning to ya.

1) Hilton Conrad trip report.

All the finer details to booking and earning mega points on the special offer in this fine branded hotel AND..

… how the trips earned points has granted me a FREE 10 night stay worth +R30,000 anytime.


Access the trip HERE

2) IHG 35% off member exclusive sale.

Access the offer and T & C’s HERE

Incase last weeks Pointbreak offer did not have anything you’d want to travel to for a mere 5000 points ( 35$ per night) this offer surely will tempt your travel spirits. Have a look at IHG Maldives rate below, This is the cheapest ive seen their rates. ( Read my trip review to the resort of IHG Kandooma, Maldives HERE ).


If you have 35000 points, you score a free night.

3) Saudia Al-Fursan buy miles get 50% bonus – twice?

I’ve been emailed quite a few time this week regarding Saudia’s offer of buy miles and get 50% bonus. This is the exploration and outcome.

Number of Miles
Buy / Gift Miles
1,000 – 9,000 Miles
20% Bonus
10% Bonus
10,000 – 19,000 Miles
30% Bonus
20% Bonus
20,000 – 29,000 Miles
40% Bonus
30% Bonus
30,000 – 39,000 Miles
50% Bonus
40% Bonus
50% Bonus
50% Bonus
41,000 – 60,000
Not applicable
50% Bonus
Terms and Conditions
The Buy Miles promotion is valid from now until 31st of August 2014
Bonus Miles from Gift/Transfer transactions will be in the account of the friend/family member for whom the Miles are gifted or transferred to.
Miles may be purchased or gifted for SAR 0.1125 per mile.
Miles may be transferred for SAR 0.05625 per mile.
Minimum amount of Miles that can be purchase or gifted is 1000 Miles.
A maximum of 40,000 Reward Miles can be purchased or gifted in a calendar year.
A maximum of 60,000 Reward Miles can be transferred in a calendar year.
Additional GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.
Purchased Reward Miles are non-refundable.
Reward Miles purchased, gifted or transferred will be posted within 24 hours.
Purchased Reward Miles do not count towards status upgrades.
All standard Alfursan program rules and conditions apply.

Access the offer on Saudia  Al Fursan HERE



tl saudi


In theory as per above lets crunch some numbers. 60,000 = SAR 4500.

Transfer 40,000 to a secondary account ( friend, spouse, family etc) yields another 50% bonus with a fee of SAR 0.05625 per mile.= SAR 2250.

Therefore they will now have 60,000 Al Fursan miles. Total spending = SAR 6750.

Now here it gets interesting the friend or spouse can re-transfer max 60,000 back to you with another 50% bonus= 90,000 at rate: SAR 3375.

You now have 110,000 Al Fursan miles at a total spend of SAR 10125 ( ZAR 28350).

I checked December 2014 mid month:

Johannesburg – Jeddah economy is 45000 Al Fursan miles ( + 65$ taxes)… cash rate online: SAR 2944

Johannesburg – Jeddah  business is 100,000 Al Fursan miles ( + 65$ taxes)… cash rate online: SAR 4758

My advice is that the offer my seem lucrative but in reality you can find way cheaper tickets online for cash.

Its not a good offer even if you max it as I have proven above.



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