Feb 13

The Traveloyalty Trips

YOUR travel goals are: budget, comfort, luxury & favorable local currency exchange?

Island escape?

See the following 2 articles:

  1. South Africans can travel to these countries visa-free – the cost of food, drinks and transport compared

2. 16 countries you can travel to where the rand is stronger in 2024

or shopping experience? have your cake and eat it – take both.

With this in mind Traveloyalty has implemented the following offer from R39,990 per person sharing.

  • Pick 2x destinations
  • 4 days in each
  • Premium 4 or 5star hotels with Breakfast
  • Dates from 10 June – 5 July, ex Jnb, supplement for Cpt / Dur
  • Discover turning left: flying BUSINESS CLASS with DIRECT flights
  • Learn the art of earning 3x miles on top
  • Use these miles in the future for $49 flights to Saudi or $6 flights across USA ( Hawaii included) & many places in between.
  • Just maybe as a limited bonus – first come first served: Gold airline status for premium perks across all member airlines.
  • Limited seats – for current TL concierge members ONLY
  • and thats:
  • #the TL way

Keen on turning right?

  • economy flights
  • 3star hotels
  • earn 1x miles
  • costing not much less

Email: info@traveloyalty.co.za or just call anytime if you hooked up to the concierge.


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