Silhouette Island

Hilton Labriz, Silhouette island.

My 4th trip to the Seychelles for 2015 (and not my last it seems), I’ve mentioned this private island a few times on the blog and to subscribers via email. Finally it was high time for a visit.

Getting there.

Try Business class with triple or quad miles bonus to Etihad family account for all your 9x members, booked on Seychelles for R13,300 for 5 business class flights which included Mumbai and Abu Dhabi. I don’t usually recommend spending more money to fly than is necessary but when the maths = quad miles x 175 % D class x 50% Etihad Gold bonus per member and you have a few in your family bonus account the spend becomes a investment for many future first and business class flights.

Best cabin manager in the world, Hillary, in red at the back was with us on 3 of the 5 business class flights.

Empty business class, most readers will know booking beyond your desired destination can save you heaps of money and a extra country or 2 to visit in the interim.


180 lie flat bliss.

Seared tuna.

Chicken salad.

Exotic fish curry with spinach and rice.

DSC00401 DSC00397

Hello SEZ.

Eden Island resort.

The booking.

Hilton ran a 7 day 33% off flash sale in EMEA, Seychelles had availability even though it was not on the list.


When you go to a private island anywhere in the world make sure you have a meal plan checked in the booking. Half board is excellent.

The normal charge for buffet dinner is 960 SCR for adults, 480 SCR for kids aged 6-12 and kids under 6 is free of charge.

The transfer.

Hilton Labriz offers a return chauffeured transfer from the airport to the boat docks that lies on the north east of the island of Mahe. You also get to see Victoria, Seychelles capitol. The cost is 130EU.


Famous clock in Victoria.

The Check-in.


Checking-in is done in the waiting area prior to the boats departure. I got a confirmed deluxe villa with pool upgrade worth:

sez room

The Boat ride.

The boat ride is 45 minutes and has a 95EU per person charge for a return. On this ride you will encounter many jet lagged passenger’s battling to keep eyes open.

DSC00610 DSC00611 DSC00613

Arriving at the resort.

DSC00617 DSC00618

Hilton staff await groups of passengers. I was assigned to one of the managers.


The tour to the room.

A old traditional island dwelling.

DSC00625 DSC00628 DSC00629

Im home. In my element. Just need my boardies and sunscreen on.


The villa upgrade.

My villa’s very own backyard come standard with a swimming pool, hammock and a seating deck overlooking it all.

DSC00665 DSC00645 DSC00646 DSC00647 DSC00648

DSC00649 DSC00650 DSC00652 DSC00653 DSC00654DSC00655 DSC00658 DSC00657 DSC00656DSC00659 DSC00660 DSC00661DSC00662 DSC00663 DSC00664

Welcome amenity.

DSC00672The breakfast.

Breakfast and buffet dinner is served here.

DSC00636 DSC00637

Live pressed orange juice.

Ginger shot.

I never miss trying every Hilton's unique muffin servings.

DSC00642 DSC00638DSC00644The supper.

Different themed buffets are on offer every night.

Biryani and butter chicken.

A bit of everything. Its all excellent.

IMG_20151016_183139 IMG_20151016_183033 IMG_20151016_183022

Gone fishing.

Oh my gosh. What an amazing experience this was. Its not uncommon for me to spend 3 – 4 nights a week fishing back home targeting big Kob, but this, in the day time + the variety of catches and scenery, words fail me.

Early birds catches the fish.

I should have brought my snorkel.

Only 5 minutes into the boat ride we had 2 huge bites… The 2nd of which I actually saw the fish jump out the water at the back to grab the lure. Split seconds after I was as fast at the rod as the reel went zzzzzzz.


In Seychelles if you don't reel in fast enough you may just land the head of a bitten fish.

GOPR0316 100


We caught some rain on and off three times captain.

Speeding off to a new hot spot.

The entrance back to the resorts jetty.

PhotoGrid_1445093296829 PhotoGrid_1445263141039Fishing in Seychelles is world class.

Teppenyaki on the house at Sakura.

We requested the fish caught to be prepared at the Japanese restaurant thanks too English couple on the trip’s rave about the food experienced the night before. Sushi and grilled fish so fresh it never touched ice.



IMG_20151017_173439 IMG_20151017_174225 IMG_20151017_174738IMG_20151017_181646 IMG_20151017_190637The resort.

The reception.

DSC00690 DSC00689 DSC00688


Sunset silhouette on Silhouette Island.

IMG_20151017_104537 IMG_20151017_103848IMG_20151017_104647Exploring the jungle.

There is a 6km hike up and down the mountain to Anse Mondon on the other side. Its a stunningly beautiful bay reminiscent of the one I found in Salalah , Oman. Completely untouched and a certain degree of difficulty to get to.

PhotoGrid_1445520271062 PhotoGrid_1445519738098


Investment the HHonors way.

45,000 HH points earned from this one stay is enough for 11 FREE nights at Hilton Sharm El Shaikh in Egypt. Contemplate that value which Hilton gives elites for a moment.

I cant wait for my next Seychellian adventure. No doubt Labriz  will be on the stay list.