Pointbreaks booking method

The safest method of booking Pointbreaks is by booking each night separately or 2nights per booking.

In this way you may cancel the nights you may not require either before or during a stay. If you book the whole period of stay in one booking and your plans change for less nights you will have to cancel the whole booking and re-book (probably at full rates as the pointbreaks special would have ended) or forfeit the rest of the booking.

UPDATE: IHG has changed the booking terms, you are now allowed to only book 2 reservations per hotel, 1 reservation can be as long as you would like for the promotional period.

ihg how to book pointbreaks









































A bonus for each re-check in during my Muscat stay I received a complimentary 2x drink voucher which I redeemed for mocktails to the tune of R200 per voucher x 6 bookings over a 12night stay.



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