Oct 02

Layover Freebies + IHG Points promo + IHG goodwill points

1) Layover Freebies.

How to score Hotels, Tours, Meals and Visas FREE at the expense of an airline.

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Access the article HERE.

2) IHG up to 60% Bonus points offer.

Another IHG point sale. This one lasts for the whole month of October.

Access it HERE.

3) Get your IHG Goodwill points.

At the start of September IHG launched Into The Nights promotion. I received a number of email queries as the promotion webpage was then shut down for 4 days and all members who registered were unable to view their challenges given. When the promotion page was again activated, I had my offer changed, a much harder challenge awaits. Upon calling in to the rewards club centre to lay a complaint they offered me 15000 bonus points as a goodwill gesture.



Seems IHG was not ready for the launch of this offer. If there is goodwill points on offer I suggest you call in  (toll free )and claim it from the shut down period of the promotional webpage and/or changed offer.


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