Landing past midnight

I opted to take the last flight out at the best rate out of Antalya to the tune of  119TL. Flight time was 75 minutes. Took the first taxi outside arrivals to the hotel, train lines could of have been running but I was more interested in getting some sleep asap before the busy day laying ahead. Taxi charges were 40 TL. (Train map and times are added at the bottom of post.)

Istanbul is a big old city with so much of amazing history and sights to see.

The Hotel


The 5 star Crown Plaza Old City is situated in the main road of Ordu Cd where the tram lines run.


The IHG Platinum dedicated check-in counter is adjoined and red carpeted.

DSC00812 DSC00813 DSC00814

Above: Pictures of a standard room. My upgrade to a suite wasn’t available until after 7am due to my midnight arrival booking mis-hap.

DSC00816 DSC00815

View from the room.

DSC00842 DSC00845 DSC00841

The lobby’s in the hotel are really something else.

The Club Lounge

Standard room + IHG Platinum card = free Club lounge access for all day eats, drinks and snacks.

As I Mentioned in previous trips, you could live out of a club lounge and not spend any money on food and drinks during your tour.



IMG_1476 IMG_1475 DSC00853 DSC00851

DSC00850 DSC00849 DSC00848 DSC00847















































The Club Lounge also offered a A la carte breakfast option.

IMG_1477 IMG_1490

The Club Lounge service and food was of the best I’ve ever seen and tasted.











The spa has a luminous blue heated pool.

























































Traditional Turkish Bath, locally called Hamam. Hamam is tamam.

Out and about in the city


There is a Double Tree Hilton directly opposite the Crowne Plaza in the main road, both within walking distances of Istanbul’s main attractions.

The bulk of the world famous brands of hotel’s lies in a distance across Bosphorus River.


One of the many side streets filed with designer branded goods.

























The Grand Bazaar has been around for more than 550 years, it covers 60 blocks, and has over 5,000 shops. On a daily basis it attracts somewhere between 250,000 to 400,000 visitors. Its filled with heads moving everywhere you look. Getting lost inside here is a normality.

























Some sort of a local delicacy?
























Spanish vs Iranian saffron ?


Back in time feeling


At the Blue Mosque


Turkeys most famous sight and attraction


Haga Sophia

GOPR0101 199

Umbrellas can be picked up on the streets from kids selling for 7TL


GOPR0101 005

Ample directions





GOPR0101 080

The entrance to Topkapi Palace

GOPR0101 166 DSC00824 DSC00823


Tip: Ticket vending machine is heaps quicker than the long lines












































The Swords

GOPR0102 1019

Bows and swords of Prophet Muhammed ( May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)

GOPR0102 0994

On the left: Swords of Abu Bakr (R.A) and Umar (R.A)

GOPR0102 0885

Swords of companions: Saif ul Saifu Allah on right. The sword of the sword of Allah – Khalid bin Al-Waleed (R.A)

GOPR0102 0848

Swords of Companions

GOPR0102 0590

The Staff of Prophet Moses (Peace be Upon Him)

GOPR0102 0477

Sword of Prophet David (Peace be Upon Him)

GOPR0102 1034

On the right: sword of Ali bin Abu Talib (R.A)

Other Relics

Topkapi Palace houses a huge amount of relics of Egyptian, Arabian, Greek, Trojan, Messapotanian and just about every old culture.

GOPR0104 002 GOPR0104 058 GOPR0104 096 GOPR0104 223 GOPR0104 248 GOPR0104 514 GOPR0109 071

GOPR0108 040

Mummy of Sidonian King Tabnit – 2500 years old

GOPR0103 195 DSC00825 DSC00827 DSC00830


That could be Cleopatra’s milk bath tub just scattered on the grounds.


Ottomon style reminiscences to the influence of the Rawda in Madinah


Attention to detail, carved out of stone



Times of the trains in the metro

GOPR0110 079

Blue Mosque courtyard


Aksaray Metro Station charges just 3TL direct to the Airport


Travel Tip: Complimentary hotel airport shuttles can save you money to and fro


Could of have been routed to Los Angels to Accra to Johannesburg for free with Star Alliance Miles


































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