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How to (really) do Turkey + packing + doing SA FREE the loyalty way + Hilton promos + Marriott promos

1. How we pack for Turkey:

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2. How we maxed a $15,000 premium Turkey trip for just $315 pp

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3. Whats really good in South Africa?

We recently took a Zar 25,000 in value SA road trip for FREE using loyalty. Expiring miles = easy trip.

I suppose you can hear complaints about every country especially from media influence to its citizens, South Africa is no different, one will often hear about the Government, how poor service delivery is, prevalent crime, fuel hikes, the exchange rate that just when it starts to show signs of healing gets pummeled often by external factors etc, the list can go on but I’ll tell you what really flippen rocks on the shores of SA ( and I’m not only talking waves..)

  1. Full Service Hotels from 5k per night on points ( its going to be 4k with off peak): Marriott, the largest hotel group in the world and the largest in SA has a huge amount of decent hotels with rates as low as this, few years back when Protea was just taken over basically all were 7500 points per night. These are scattered all over SA and are great to visit city to city during a road trip. Consistently we been scoring 2bedroom suites to Presidential duplex suites. It gets a bit better, the transit hotels are a blessing on the low point rates ( vs high cash rates) for those odd time flights in and out.
  2. Car rental, ever seen how low miles are with unlimited mileage. Recently we used expiring Etihad miles, we got a Compact sedan category for a mere 2500 miles per day all incl with unlimited, promoted via Europcar on the airlines website, this with our top elite status got us upgrades to a automatic 7seater Avanza on trip one and then the most wanted / holy grail of car upgrades – a Bus catergory, Hyundai H1 for the next trip. (We love Bus category upgrades for the size and comfort, have scored it in Morocco Jan18, Turkey March18, Durban June18)
  3. Breakfasts at Nandos, just $2.50, I dont think anywhere else in the world you could get such a tasty start to you day for such a low price, great for those early flights in or out cities and airports.
  4. and yes, waves. SA is absolutely blessed with consistent and perfect surf, I cant vouch that its absolutely uncrowded but when compared to other places in the world, SA surfers are spoilt, amazingly each city on our shores are dotted with some of the best waves with the highlight being Jeffreys Bay, known to have the worlds best right hand pointbreak. I agree.

Follow recent trip posts with pics on Instgram HERE on how we maxing expiring airline miles for car rentals with upgrades to accommodation.

4. Hilton promos

25% off for 3+ nights. EMEA

Stay longer and save rate.

Requires seven (7) day advance reservations and a minimum stay of three (3) consecutive nights. Additional length of stay requirements may vary by participating hotel. No end date to this offer as yet.


Buy points with up to 100% bonus

Ends Oct 22nd.

Access our dedicated Hilton sales page HERE.

5. Marriott offers.

Unlock Epic Stays. APAC.

Unlock epic travel experiences in extraordinary destinations when you stay at hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific
participating in Marriott Bonvoy™.
Book by March 31, 2020 and stay 2+ nights before July 31, 2020 to enjoy these rewards:

DAILY HOTEL CREDIT : Approximately 15% of your room rate, to be used on accommodations, world-class dining + upgrade + 5,000 BONUS POINTS PER STAY


Buy points with 30% off.

Don’t miss out: Save 30% on purchases of 2,000+ points through October 18, 2019.

Plus, double your limit. The annual maximum for purchased points will be raised from 50,000 points to 100,000 points between September 14 and October 18.

50,000 points are $437.50 with the discount of 30% ( usually $625)

Access our dedicated Marriott sales page HERE.


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