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Discounting Ramadhaan Umrah 2023

Scoring free prime accommodation or highly discounting the accommodation is nothing new here at traveloyalty.com, infact we have published all the ways each year since the website began almost a decade back.

Here is one of the older published articles when Hilton in Makkah could have been booked for just 30,000 points (or 24,000 points on 5th night free) per night even during the last 10nights.

http://traveloyalty.co.za/how-to-lower-umra-costs-with-hilton-hilton-double-points-promo-extended/ Most readers flock to Hilton to book discounted or free Umrah stays however as with Hilton’s popularity over the years they have been loading the standard room availability very very late. This year was no exception, loading standard room redemption’s – from 70,000 points – only on the 23rd of February 2023. Last year 2022 Ramadhaan the same availability was only loaded end of February for end of March start.Marriott on the other hand has been loading standard room availability from the word go – from approx 40-50,000 points per free night.

So as per yearly usual here are the mathematics breakdown on staying 5x nights cash vs 5 nights points (redemption’s get every 5th night FREE):

Staying Cash for 5x nights

Conrad Makkah – sleeps 4 adults

Almost 20,000 Riyals for 5x nights = Zar 98,500

vs Staying on points for 5x nights:

A free 5x nights stay at Conrad Makkah will set you back 320,000 Hilton Honors points

Buying the points:

If you have not earned the points free from preferably using a Diamond status membership that yields plenty in bonuses you can buy the points:

Some targeted accounts ( esp those who have bought in previous years can buy 160k and get 160k free for $1600 )

So in essence buying the points costs $1600 or ZAR 29,650 vs paying cash rate of Zar 98,500 yielding a saving of R68,850 per 5x nights

Marriott Jabal Omar – Staying cash

thats 10,565 Riyals for 5 nights or ZAR 51,874

vs staying on points

A free 5x nights stay at Marriott Jabal Omar will set you back 234,000 Bonvoy points

Buying the points:

Buying the full Bonvoy points ( may need 2x acc )will cost you $2089 or ZAR 38,715 and in turn saving you ZAR 13,159

points to note:

  • Buy points on a sale only, Hilton regularly offers 100% bonuses and Marriott 40-50% bonuses.
  • Accounts are limited to buy a certain quantity of points per annum.
  • With elite level status 5th nights are free, and so are breakfasts and lounge access where available. This will save you many hours standing in food que’s.
  • When you use points you DON’T pay taxes.
  • Maximising Ramadhaan rarely works over night, we work with our clients 1 on 1, sometimes from July the year before to attain the goals and max all the points promos and sales that comes up.
  • Accounts need to open for a set duration in order to buy points.
  • You can buy, gift, transfer and even pool points from other accounts into yours for no fee. Do note: they can be instant, they can also take 1-2days and in some cases up to 10days.

Night by Night Rates:

1. Staying Cash

Hilton Convention:

The cash rates for MARCH 2023 at Hilton Convention
The cash rates for APRIL 2023 at Hilton Convention

Hilton Conrad – sleeps 4 adults per room

The cash rates for MARCH 2023 at Conrad
The cash rates for APRIL 2023 at Conrad

Marriott Jabal Omar

The cash rates for MARCH 2023 at Marriott

Take note all cash prices are still subject to 20% taxes and fees after.

2. Staying free on points

Hilton Convention

The points rates for MARCH 2023 at Hilton Convention
The points rates for APRIL 2023 at Hilton Convention

Hilton Conrad – sleeps 4 adults per room

The points rates for MARCH 2023 at Conrad
The points rates for APRIL 2023 at Conrad

Marriott Jabal Omar

The points rates for MARCH 2023 at Marriott

Buy points links:

Hilton Buy Points (Ends March 7th): click HERE

Marriott Buy Points (ends April 3rd): click HERE

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