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Buy 140,000 Hilton HHONORS points for $800 and max it for 28-35 complimentary nights.

1) Hilton HHonors buy points + get 75% bonus.

Do you love to travel large, travel further, travel more,  ALL for less? This is where it begins.

hh75 hh75buy

Access the offer HERE. Ends Oct 5, 2015.

What can be done with 140,000 HHonors points ?

Hilton categories with award amounts per night. Book 5 nights as a Hhonors elite and get the 5th night free.

Hilton categories with award amounts per night. Book 5 nights as a Hhonors elite and get the 5th night free.

At best, 28-35 complimentary nights as Hilton Category 1 hotels go for 5000 points for a night ($28).

Egypt is a hub of the most Category 1 Hilton’s. Every major city here has at least 1 or 2 category 1 hotels . Browse my Egypt tour under latest tips link and check the hilton.com website.


Using Elite status you get every 5th night free so effectively it ends up being 4000 points per night ( $23). This is where 30 + nights are achievable.


Read a trip report to Hilton Salalah, Oman HERE.


As a Hhonors Gold Elite you will also get complimentary breakfasts and room upgrades, this perks will save you heaps of money on top of your current savings and you could end up in a suite worth more than:

I didn't get the presidential suite but I did get this one valued at $310 per night. Not bad.

Hilton Category 2 goes for 10,000 Hhonors points per night or getting 5th night free = 8000 points per night. Here you can get 14-16 complimentary nights.

hhcat2 hhcat2 2

When rates ( and points) are high, especially during peak times or at expensive destinations look at the points + cash rates to save.

Amazing points + cash option.


Why pay R22,000 for 5 nights when you could pay R9,680 utilising buying points and getting the 5th night free as a elite status perk with breakfast, lounge access and excellent upgrades as per below.


It gets better!

You can get a  family room for 4 adults for the same 30,000 points per night. ( note this cash rate is way higher per night per night and if you don’t have Hilton Hhonors gold you still have to extra pay per person rates and pay for breakfasts).


hh3It gets even better again !!

As a TraveLoyalty package subscriber you can easily attain top tier Diamond status by utilising category 1 Hiltons over 3weeks. The perks are off the richter, if you have not read my last few trip reviews please check it out. Mail me for more info.

I love this cards perks.

Get INSTANT GOLD today ! Mail zaheer@traveloyalty.co.za for more info.

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