Apr 25

Business class return leg for R450 + IHG’s list changes on hotels are out + Instagram

1) How to fly business for R450 ( on 2 flights).

Yesterday I wrote on SAA’s JourneyBlitz sale, a 70-85% redemption on award tickets.( Read more HERE).

Here is a travel tip to scoring ( again unbelievable as most would say) a return part of the journey in business class for peanuts.

That's  R36,381 for the 2 flights on business class when paying cash.

That’s R36,381 for the 2 flights on business class when paying cash.

Taking advantage of SAA’s promotion the low mileage rewards in business are as follows:

The taxes in both classes are the same AED 140.

The taxes in both classes are the same AED 140.

saa vg2 saa vg1



Simply switch the country and you got super low taxes and no fuel surcharges.

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2) IHG changes.

Here is the final draft of IHG hotel reward changes. Hotels moving up and down in award categories. If you have bookings that are getting cheaper, cancel and re-book once its available. If you have your eye on hotels that are getting more expensive book it now. IHG normally has cancellation policies with no penalty for up to evening of check-in

Download it here: IHG-2015-Point-Requirement-Changes-5-1-15-final

3) Traveloyalty has just joined Instagram.

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