Mistake Fares

There’s a common local saying in South Africa by way of : WALALA WASALA! (you snooze you lose). When mistakes are published online (or is it sheer marketing genius?)  you most definitely want to be at the right place at the right time.

Here are the golden rules to taking advantage of mistake fares.

1) Do NOT call the airline.

2) Book the fare you see as soon as possible. Do NOT delay.

3) Do not book non-refundable accommodation and destination activities yet. There is a chance the fare may not be honourd by the airline.

4) Spread the word quietly ( dont this causes problems) and inform those NOT to call the airline.

5) Do NOT call the airline.


Due to the problamatic nature of erroneous airfares and its ability to be spread like wild fire in minutes which often causes cancellation of the whole deal or not being honored from the airline, we have decided to stop posting such fares as of 2016 on social media, however, we do work one on one in our concierge offering ensuring these low deals are able to be taken advantage of by clients.


South African Airways mistake of:

Johannesburg to Abu Dhabi $80 in Business class on code-share Etihad.

Many took advantage of the under R900 fare in ‘J’ for Julius fare class bookings.

IMG_3013 copy IMG_3014

Honourable Madam Chair , when is SAA going to pay back the money ?

Honourable Madam Chair , when is SAA going to pay back the money ?

SAA has declined to honour the mistake fare.

United Airlines mistake of:

Europe to North America ( including stop over). $70 First class return courtesy of foreign exchange error into Danish Krone.


Unlike the honouring of the  $0 mistake airfare United had in August 2013, this time they declined to honour the airfare bookings.


Etihad’s Christmas mistake of:

New York – Johannesburg $277 Return !  and New York – Abu Dhabi $178 Return !

That's New York to Abu Dhabi Return for R2050,00

That’s New York to Abu Dhabi Return for R2050,00

priceline ey airfare1

Etihad honours the bookings made.

Air Kenya Business Class $300 Bangkok – Hong Kong return.

bcalss kenya

Access the website HERE.

North Korea 0$ Airfares – Business class too!

Access their website here

ak1 ak 0 ak bus


United Airlines 0$ loaded fares.

mistake united2

mistake united3

mistake united1


How’s the one below from CP Antalya, Turkey.

mistake crownplaza2

2u$ for a suite with Jacuzzi … Prices quoted are in South African Rands (ZAR)

Check below for the breakfast add on.

mistake crownplaza1

During a break in the Middle East I had a mattress run ( changing one to many hotels for a period of time to accumulate miles and points. By chance I encountered a mistake fare on the website below:

mistake atlantis1

Looks like someone left a nice big fat juicy 5 off the end of the above price quoted AED148.

mistake atlantis2

For some unknown reason the upgrade to next room category was out of order for the mistake rate.

On a different stay read my write up and review for Atlantis the Palm and the upgrade I received upon late check in to the suite next to the famous 140,000 AED per night suite (yes one forty k) under Latest Trips.

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