Being on the ball

Etihad sent out some killer airfares this week via email. It wont last!

Cream of the crop – MUMBAI R2959 and Delhi R3680 return. (I think I last saw a -3k bucks airfare over a decade back.)

tl mum2

yep its return


tl etihad

Find it under “Deals”


tl mum3


Access Etihads breaking deals page here

Make sure you sign up to their newsletter (and every other airline you intend traveling with) so as to never miss out on specials.


Great thing is if you’ve been following IHG Pointbreaks (5* hotels world over for 5000 points, which we can show you how to buy for 35$ read more here) you’d know the Intercontinental hotel in Mumbai, India has not sold out yet… Instead IHG has been chopping and changing with dates each day.

Access April /May Pointbreaks list of hotels here

Access IHG Pointbreaks here for availability

Bonus again, Staybridge Suites, Abu Dhabi was on the list (its sold out). Remember you can always cancel IHG points reservations day before or up to the day of check in – YOU CANT LOOSE.


Have a look at this hotel, every room is a suite pimped out with full fridge and microwave in its kitchen plus its right under Ferrari World.

Now showing photo 5, Guest Room Suite

Home away from home.

Lets check the Mumbai hotel deal out.

tl ind 1 tl ind 2

Free room (if you have 5000 points) and it includes a 24 hour butler and a aroma therapy massage.

Tip: Benefit of separate bookings = free massages each day.

tl in1 tl in2

So how many points does the hotel usually cost per night?


25000 points per night! 5000 points is the BEST deal in the hotel industry.

Remember if you hold IHG Platinum status your room will be further upgraded to the next level or a suite if available.

If you love traveling, be on the ball and you guaranteed to score.

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