Sep 12

1st class for less + 6 Riyal Umrah + Hilton promo + Marriott promo + United Jnb launch

1. The 6 Riyal Umrah

What times? Whats faster? Back to back? See the drop down text.

Access the tutorial HERE.

2. First class for less.

Around 2014 we posted on how easily obtainable First Class was (without needing to fly prior). We only had about 1500 newsletter subscribers back then and I know of only a handful who maxed this opportunity, many called bs slash impossible slash neverever on the articles until I wrote the full trip review 6months later putting theory into practical whilst spending nothing more than $20 / Zar 250 per way.

Then over the next few years we wrote how to max First Class by flying partner airlines prior with discounted business fares earning up to 4x the miles before elite bonuses and liased with our concierge members 1 on 1 on all of this the world over.

Come 2020 most 1st class flights are suspended but…

In our previous newsletter we touched on the big news of Canadian Aeroplan’s codeshare with Etihad, what was not known then was the good news Aeroplan had in store for its new program launch enabling easy mile earn potentials.

  • Family pooling – combine miles up to 7 family members
  • Rocketmiles bonuses.

This is the most interesting bit. We have covered previous 1st class flights how we have maxed these promos staying often at places where there are no branded hotels or are when they are no good (such as Sri Lanka, Reunion and outer islands of Seychelles such as Praslin, we even did a 1 night miles boost at this premium place HERE  during our 14night paycation). This also works well with local stays as many countries only have domestic travel open.

There’s a double promo that one (or rather families) can take advantage of.

1. Earn 5,000 bonus miles or points at select properties on your first hotel booking . Offer HERE.

Book this promo first, do the 1 night stays x 7 members checking in and out repeat on the new members booking ea day and you should be up 35000 points.

2. Aeroplan member exclusive: Get 5,000 bonus miles. Offer HERE

Make 3 reservations, each for 2 nights or longer, and earn 5,000 bonus miles. Book hotels around the world, and the bonus miles will be sent straight to your account after your 3rd stay.

Same protocol, book the 2 night stays in ea members name and after the 3rd stay the account will be 70,000 miles richer.

There are heaps more changes such as:

  • Combine points and cash for flight or multiple flights (finally)
2021 Bookings

This reminds me alot of Etihad’s slider option below, where one can leverage cash to miles at a cheaper rate than buying the miles on promos.

Etihad slider option
  • Combine a paid fare and award flight.
  • Earn status on buying miles.

Share your status with friends and family, even if they not traveling with you (similiar to Hyatt’s top tier style ‘guest of honor’).

Stopovers for 5000 points. This parts a no-brainer for travelers who love to turn one a one city trip into a multi city or multi country trip.

3. United plans JNB route

United Airlines, one of the US big3 gave notice this week they plan to fly direct to Johannesburg soon.

  • This is big news because there will be a huge competition now for SAA for this direct flight to New York (Newark).
  • United has minimal taxes, expect to pay between $5.60 to $31.46 taxes per award ticket – even in business (SAA – even on Journeyblitz charges $200 per way)
  • United has launched dynamic awards, so using miles for domestic starts at 5k miles, Europe for 21k miles and Middle East 31k miles on Saver Awards – All with minimal taxes.
  • United will fly the latest Boeing 787-9 on this route. SAA has sadly returned their new leased planes while they get their funding together with only handful of older planes.
  • United has also given notice of 2 new destinations in Hawaii – Kona and Maui. I can wait to see the booking options on South Africa – Hawaii when its ready.
Soaking up some Hawaiian rays
  • Hey they also do Tahiti, so imagine being able to book Pape’ete. This should make Bora Bora heaps more affordable but not quicker (this is a long long flight schedule)
  • United is a Star Alliance member, so expect perks with holders of Voyager, Turkish, Lufthansa etc that would come in handy.
  • United has (for now) eliminated change fees and stand by fees.

4. Hilton Double Rewards

September 8 through December 31, 2020. Register now

Access the offer HERE.

Hilton Also has a 100% bonus buy points offering to Sep 20th. Buy HERE

6.  Marriott 2,500 bonus points per stay.

+ a one-time bonus of 5,000 additional points after three stays.

Register now, then earn on stays through October 18, 2020.

Access the offer HERE

7. Hyatt Bonus Journeys

Hyatt calls this promo their richest ever offering 3x points.

Registration Starts Oct 1 – Nov 30 for stays to Jan 4th 2021

Access the offer soon on our dedicated Hyatt promo sales page HERE

8. Borders opening soon.

Looks like many borders are opening soon, watch this (or rather Governments) space in the coming days.


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