Getting there from South Africa:

The cheapest way is via Mango Airlines using Voyager miles.

The good news is the total for the return flight is R1096 in taxes.

The bad news is its just under 100,000 Voyager miles. (If you have miles expiring this is a great short haul alternative to blowing it).

Update: SAA Voyager has Journeyblitz specials into Dar Es Salaam. and Fast jet has really good specials for cash into Zanzibar and from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar.

Flight time is about 3.5 Hours.


SAA flies into Dar es Salaam .

They are just above R3000 in taxes. (Business class included).

Economy needs a 31000 Voyager mile redemption.

Business class is 46550 Voyager mile redemption.

With SAA you can get you local internal flight for free on the same class booked.

mango 1














mango 2















Getting to the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Nungwi (North  Zanzibar)

If you opt to fly into Dar es Salaam you have two options:

1) Take a flight to Zanzibar, its quick 15mins max. Airfare under 100$.

2) Take a boat, sailing time varies from 90min up to 3hours overnight. Expect to pay 30$ upwards.

At the ZNZ Airport you can negotiate with a taxi driver to take you to your hotel, this is the best and most cost effective option. Hotels charge between 90$ – 150$ for a one way transfer. Taxis will charge less than half that.


If you are a Elite Loyalty Member at any hotel chain it never hurts to email the hotel and request a complimentary pick-up or drop off (or both). You’d be surprised how well and often this works especially if you’re a returning customer.

Hilton Double Tree Nungwi is about 45 minutes drive from the airport.

The Hotel



Another paradise gem awaits..


Save the saying of cheese for later, say wow first.


How to book it

Definitely book on a sale or use your Hhonors points.

From the status of Silver Hhonors, your points bookings entitles you to get 5th Night Free and your spouse stays free.

Read more on Hilton Hhonors website here

TRAVELOYALTY offers you direct Silver status with only 4 stays to Gold ( normal requirement 40 nights) in our world exclusive offer.

Access it here

znz hlt prc













There is a new Hilton opening in Stone Town in August 2014. Id recommend subscribers to our exclusive offer stay the first and last night there during their Zanzibar trip.

Why? Simply because then you would have clocked 3 stays ( 1more to Gold Status) and extra points in promotions per stay and per night as we email in our newsletters.

The Room

znz bd 20140223_121847 20140223_121858

The Spread

20140224_094049 20140224_094109

Scenic pics of the Resort

20140223_144301 znz pl

20140223_095008 20140223_121908

20140223_094751 20140223_094426 20140223_122007

20140223_094331 20140223_094318

20140223_094807 20140223_094810 20140223_094925

20140223_095259 20140223_100214 20140223_101115 20140223_101833

20140223_120415 20140223_120355 20140223_103743 20140223_101846


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