Jul 20

Win 2x platinum + Emirates Gold + short end offer of free Etihad miles+ meet TL live in Sandton + points promos

First things first, elite feedback:

Clients scoring massive upgrades + 200k and 333k points in the interim, see whats the best freebies instore for them as per my advice: ( some travellers still buy points? )

1) Win 2 x Platinum tickets to Marriage Conference ICC 2017.

2) Meet the TL team, have all your questions answered.

3) Pity Marriott ended free 9000 EY miles promo.

For a few days in June (7th -20th) Etihad mailed out the offer of joining Marriott and getting free 1000 miles. The offer was said to be ongoing to December 31st, however it seems waaaaay too many out of box thinkers started opening 9x Marriott accounts and scoring 9000 EY miles via the family bonus, great if you got in, if not, there’s always a next time as these offers seem to come and go. 2 years back Hertz had a 5000 mile registration = 45000 miles earned free via the family bonus.

4) Emirates Gold in 4 flights.

I go through this daily via email and on the phone: Emirates Elite, Emirates Elite repeat. Unfortunately they have the worlds hardest, most expensive and worst loyalty programme since their changeover in 2013. However there are too many die hards only wanting EK elite, I’ve previously written that EK will give you silver status if you hold Gold in a competitor airline and a return economy booking with them.

As you know the only way to get things done is to jump into it yourself, so as of late I’ve been testing a bit of Emirates. the mileage programme is still super crappy but the unlimited Hagn Dasz ice cream and Voss water in DXB lounge somewhat helps..

Anyway here’s the tips:

Book via a OTA, they often all have flex fares loaded, you might have to call in to them to verify its flex.

Saver fares on EK website:  forget it, see the mileage table on my earnings. Its a slap below the belt.

You can book direct on Emirates a lower class fare and change your itinerary which seems to upgrade the ticket to Flex, a reader done this for zar R2000 and now will earn 13,000 tier miles instead of 1250 tier in saver.

You need 50,000 tier miles to get to Gold, so mathematically all that is needed is 4 flights at best.

You should by then have half a leg upgraded into Business class on your next pnr…

5) Point sales.

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SPG just had a 35% off sale. Their 2nd biggest offering. Im hoping to buy here at a 50% soon.

Hyatt has a 40% sale ( their biggest offering) HERE.

Hilton Honors has a 80% bonus sale HERE. Its ok-value if you stuck, however see the above elite feedback on how readers are maxing the Honors to the tune of 200k to 330k off a trip ( why bother buying points when you can earn em for free, right? .

The most wise way to go on holiday is to have your spend as an investment with plenty to show and use for after check-out. All other travellers get nothing on check-out. Travel wisely. Travel the TraveLoyalty way.

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Follow the links in yellow to make sure you never late on getting a breaking deal notification from TraveLoyalty on Facebook and Instagram above.


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