Jun 30

Trip to Cairo and how you can mega save + how to discount 1st class using miles-points tip + Etihad India double miles promo.


1) Trip to Cairo and mega saving TraveLoyalty’s five star way.


Sabah 'al khair  CairoAccess the trip HERE.

2) Etihad double miles to Mumbai ( via Seychelles).

Co-incidentally my last trip to Egypt, I used Mahe island in Seychelles as a free stop over on Etihad, have a read HERE on the trip. Im going back again. Love that place.


Read more HERE.

3) How to lower a 1st class flight using hotel points on Etihad.

Hilton just had a 100% bonus on points purchased promo. ( 160,000 HHonors points for $800).

IHG promo ends today EST. ( 120,000 Reward Club points for $690). IHG transfer’s at 5:1 ratio.

So 120,000 IHG Reward Club points will net you 24,000 Etihad Guest miles.

IHG transfer's to Etihad at a 5:1 ratio.

IHG transfer’s to Etihad at a 5:1 ratio.

I’ve used Auh – Bom as an example.

The cash price to fly private enclosed suite is AED3210 one way.

The cash price to fly private enclosed suite is AED3210 one way.

AED3210 = ZAR 10,700 for the one way.

Utilising miles you only pay AED80 tax.

Utilising miles you only pay AED80 tax.

If you bought points to transfer you would be paying ZAR 7374 with the tax.

That’s a saving of ZAR 6720 both ways.

( If you have the miles and points all you would pay is the tax – read the previous post on how easy attaining miles can be).

First class suites onboard Etihad.

First class suites onboard Etihad.

Access the buy points offer with IHG HERE.

Access the transfer link for the offer HERE.

The foolish travels at a loss. The wise travels as an investment. Travel wisely. Travel the TraveLoyalty way.

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