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ANA is All Nippon Airways from Japan. Member of the Star Alliance Network.




















As most of South African citizens collect Voyager miles via South African Airways or Credit Card spend, booking complicated international itineraries on more than one airline can be a frustrating experience.

There is limited partner airline inventory for award searches leaving us with the only option: to call the airline during their office hours (with pen and paper in hand) who in turn will scout for seats and options whilst keeping you on hold for up to an hour. I do not enjoy wasting time and money.

ANA is the only Star Alliance member airline to list availability of partner airlines on its website.

I have some tips and tricks below for a faster way to find your seats.

1) Join ANA Mileage Club HERE.


The NEW ANA website still seems to have teething running long script issues, which should be ironed out in time.

I have however managed to do a detailed step by step screen shot to help you find the award seats. Once you get the hang of it, it will be as simple as your transition from snail mail to email in the late 90’s.

ana login ana int award login


After the International Flight Award link above you will get the following screen:


If you want economy awards only use the ‘Economy class round trip’ link.

If you want both economy and business / 1st class award availability use the ‘other classes / itineraries’ option highlighted.

Availability options in week.

Availability options in week.

Economy options.

Economy options.

Economy and business class options.

Economy and business class options.

You now have all the info you need to call up the airline and finalise a award.

You now have all the info you need to call up the airline and finalise a award.

Now call your local airline and give them the exact details you have dates, airline codes, flight numbers etc. They may initially want to search themselves as they wont be expecting the knowledge you (already) have.

Remember if you do not live in a international hub in your country you can request one award booking (domestic and international) with Star Alliance to get you from your city to the international hub and then on your international destination and return. This will save you heaps of money.

Done, tried and tested read more on it here. 


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