Sri Lanka


Just north of Columbo lies Negombo, a busy suburb on the beach. Sri lanka has great surf but you have to travel a day or two journey to the east coast.

Theres a hidden luck in the travel world called ‘Hidden City”. Basically you make a booking from point A to point C with a stop over at point B. You climb off at point B and you save heaps of $$$.

There are some rules:

1) ONLY take hand luggage. NEVER a checked bag.

2) NEVER call the airline regarding your plan.

The risks:

1) Airlines can ban you from flying if you use this method often

2) or cancel your frequent flyer account and forfeit all your points and miles

3) or both

tl sri3
















Empty airline

tl sri tl sri2





























Un-branded hotel was real bad all round, just needed to stopover to save about 7k on airline tickets to where I was actually intending to go to.












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