Apr 24

SAA Voyager has a 85 percent off sale. JourneyBlitz awards.

1) Amazing SAA Voyager’s ultra low award specials.

saa blitz Back in November 2014 SAA Voyager gave notice of changes, a re-invention of sorts. Come February 2015 the changes came into effect ( or is it affect ? ). Seems award miles had all shot up, this included surcharges and fuel levy’s thought. What would normally cost me 9000 miles + R700 tax for a domestic one way award now the mile burn ratio is 13000 miles + R160 in tax. The last part of the re-inventions, namely Journey Blitz awards has just played out. The redemption awards are damn good, could even be better than promotions by KLM/Air France’s Flying Blue of up to 50% off and Qatar’s Qmiles special club easy deals offer. It has to be redeemed on SAA flights so there are limitations with regards to destination’s.

I’ve found R30,000 off business class to Abu Dhabi Return with 64,600 miles redemption costing only R8900. ( Normally R40,000 return).

auh biz2

Economy on the same route 14800 miles + R4000 taxes return.

auh (I priced the above route normally and it ran at 89,500 Voyager miles + only R850 taxes).

How about New York economy, 40,000 miles + R6000 taxes return


Domestic routes run at 7400 miles and R1400 tax.

Log in HERE.

Log in HERE.

Here is the award sale chart:

saa blitz2

JourneyBlitz Booking Awards Procedure:

  1. Log on to www.flysaa.com with your Voyager membership number and PIN;
  2. Select your routing and dates;
  3. Click on ‘Book and redeem an SAA JourneyBlitz Award’;
  4. Select your flights; and
  5. Make your credit card or debit card payment.

JourneyBlitz Awards Terms & Conditions:

  1. JourneyBlitz Awards are only permitted on specific South African Airways flights or regions, where South African Airways is the operating carrier (flight number range SA 001 – SA 999).
  2. Only one flight sector for the qualifying Region will be permitted per one (1) one-way Award.
  3. JourneyBlitz Awards exclude charges, including but not limited to: fuel levy; government taxes, surcharges and levies (i.e. credit card); third-party taxes. Members are responsible for and must settle all relevant airport taxes and any additional relevant fees that are due for payment when issuing their Award ticket. Such payments must be made by credit or debit card.
  4. JourneyBlitz Awards are self-service Awards and are exclusively available via www.flysaa.com.
  5. JourneyBlitz Awards may only be issued for a confirmed Award flight.
  6. The Award and ticket must be issued in a single transaction.
  7. The booking class for JourneyBlitz Economy Class is ‘X’, and the booking class for JourneyBlitz Business Class is ‘I’.
  8. JourneyBlitz Awards are non-reversible and non-refundable; no changes which include date, class and route changes will be permitted.
  9. JourneyBlitz Awards will only be valid for booking and ticketing during the promotional period.
  10. Domestic JourneyBlitz Award tickets are valid for 6 months from date of first travel (first departure date).
  11. International JourneyBlitz Award tickets are valid for 12 months from date of first travel (first departure date).

Access SAA Voyager HERE.

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