Oct 06

SAA R0 airfares + Hilton 3x points + Hyatt buy points promo + SAA journeyblitz is live

Greetings from a few feet up in the air aboard Etihad’s 1st Class A380 flagship, dubbed the best cabin in the sky.


If you new to TL or still not sure how to easy it is to  fly upper deck – please use our dedicated search window for ‘etihad’  after all the numerous cash sales and point sales  in previous newsletters – making multiple 1st class flights super easy but first read this link HERE.

1) SAA R0 airfares on Computicket this morning.

If you missed the below posted on Traveloyalty  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter early this morning make sure you set notifications on and tick ‘see first’ as well as tick ‘notifications all on’ to never miss out. If you don’t have a social media, get one and follow @traveloyalty, its free ad essential for instant breaking deals.

Link to Traveloyalty Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/traveloyalty/?hl=en

deal3 deal2 saa1

If Computicket (or SAA) does not honour the fare, you can always work the SA consumer protection act  ( as in 2015’s one) and make them aware of your irreversible hotel and international airline bookings which they should be liable for if its their error. Do not agree to what they may say on the phone or email, hold them to the booking confirmations you got.

Read our previous instalments of mistake fares HERE.


get on instagram asap !

2) Hilton triple points for bookings on app. Ends Dec31.

Double points for website bookings. Investment travel has never been easier when you at Diamond level.

link: https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/9213_08302016/

3) Hyatt 40% bonus points. Ends Oct25

Kindly use any of the buy points links in our dedicated Hyatt page HERE

4) SAA JourneyBlitz is live again! Hong Kong Business class for R900 return at best.

please use our search  window for  ‘journeyblitz’ on website for all the info,

Apologies for the make shift email.

Zaheer B.

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