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Poinbreaks has died + discount Makkah Ramadhaan + we do NASA + Hilton promo + TL is ticketing + TL hack guide

1. IHG Pointbreaks has died, plus more.

The once mighty IHG Pointbreaks has officially died as of 31 January 2020. What was once the hotel industry’s most economical ( un-matched and un-rivalled) promotion as 200+ hotels ( out of 4900 +) went for a redemption rate of a mere 5000 points regardless of what the normal points reward rates were per night.

Brands like Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza’s and Holiday Inn’s were usually snapped up in minutes for free at 5000 points per night at destinations like Maldives, Tahiti, Vietnam, India South America, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and heaps of others.

Truly this promo was one of the most exiting lists every quarter. When traveloyalty.com started many years back these destination lists use to dictate which countries are next that we are going to book and score free.

Indeed we maxed it through all the premium ones, one property in Saudi Arabia in particular for over 100 nights, and at times with 2x rooms booked, all for free, 20 to 25 nights a time that came with lounge access and breakfasts.

Even if you did not have enough points you could then buy them / manufacture them for 23$ per night, IOW you could use Zar 120,000 to stay in the worlds top brands for 1 full year if you did not have the points to do it for free. Im sure you know people who spend that kind of cash on 1 single trip and get nothing back? or lets say you sold your 12 million Rand house you could stay free for 100 years around the world.

IHG started to change Pointbreaks about a year back after some months of lackluster properties being featured, made sense as Pointbreaks became so popular, remember 6 to 7 years back when hardly anyone knew of it? and they would not even sell out. Pointbreaks? say what? Patrick Swayze? would be asked (no not that one with Keanu)

Properties now had become 5k, 10k or 15k per night on the promo, but even in that too, properties and resorts were not of the premium grade many had become accustomed to.

I cant even recall when last I stayed on a Pointbreak, was it the one in Turkey’s capital or the one in Muscat? Didnt matter.

Recently I had my last 100k of IHG points (earned points, it often makes no sense to buy points as at top tier level as you earn them for free with bonuses in chunkloads), so when I got a hold of the property that I stayed at more than 100 nights they told me of many changes IHG has allready implemented on them for the negative, we knew this was coming but usually management discretion often overrides these for top tier members. Gone were the lounge access and free breakfasts, gone were the upgrades too.

I looked into the more expensive Intercontinental across the way that many have said is premium, well the only thing premium was the points per night rate at 30k ( everything else from lifts to rooms was an eye opener) never in my life have I layed out that many points for a free night, yet alone 3x. We got the upgrades and the free breakfast as top tier in this brand that the former hotel started refusing, I brought this up with them and IHG head office, who will hopefully look into this situation and remedy a new kick start soon. # watch this space

2. Discounted Ramadhaan Makkah

As usual for many years we always have a post on discounting expensive Ramadhaan, however this year we taking it a step better, we have a handful of set rooms (some quad, some triple, some with upgrades already set) highly discounted, available on a first come first served basis. Limit 1 room per client.

Email: info@traveloyalty.co.za

3. We do NASA. Rockets, astronauts, space ships, touch the moon & more.

Perhaps one of the better educational theme parks that will leave all kids (& adults) astonished, space is a mind boggling place!

We done our trip to the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, Florida, USA, near free using miles and points, staying at Radisson near by.

Click on the link HERE to view this out of the world trip

4. Hilton Points Unlimited. Register now.

6th Jan 2020 to 3rd May 2020. This quarter’s promo rewards movers more than sitters.

Access our dedicated Hilton sales page HERE

5. Island trip offers loading:

Our discounted Maldives offers last year was a absolute hit, we sold out each and every business class seat and needed more! Even our day trip offers had more demand than supply.

While we awaiting these deals to return and as per normal structured packaged offers thats void of earning anything back that may appeal to some.

6. Our current elite client concierge offers are throwing out the below:

How to (really) do Mauritius in Flic en Flac ( premium side of island)

Note: most get caught in per person packages on the windy South or East with some extra food thrown in, be in the know when you want to perfect your travel.

7x nights Half board, Zar 57,000, That includes Business Class for 2pax

It gets better obviously, this is #theTLway after all:

With this concierge offer you can do a premium diving resort on the Red sea or an island trip to Bali for 12x nights free thereafter or just split it on both before year end? plus get fed, upgraded with the whole shebang as you often see on TL trip reviews and social media channels.

7. We are ticketing in premium only.


Looking for better rates on your Business Class or First Class trips? We got our concierge clients covered, just ask one of our clients in Durban, most well known in the vehicle industry who got quoted 240k for a full family Business class trip to Asia, we got it done for 170k or Johannesburg biggest wholesaler for Mauritius as per above or the ones currently taking up our Turkey offer for 14k, these come with heaps of miles often up to 300% in bonuses while most grab the R3200 offer we just posted on our Instagram that yields basically nothing back to upgrade or travel free ahead.

8. Our TL guide to travel hacking.

If you missed this series on social media here it is below, and no, it has got nothing to do with heating up soup in your room..

Multi part series on all the ways imaginable to travel hack all types of travel by all types of travelers.

Note where you are VS where you would like to be?

One things for certain as you progress further, you will NEVER EVER go back to paying full retail again. Dont count your past losses, look forward to your future blessings in savings.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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