Jul 06

Our 1st Ebook Diy Umrah + concierge offers + Daily Getaways + Maldives overwater upgrades

1. Ebook : Umrah DIY guide

Mzansi Edition.

Launching August 2022

In our last newsletter we noted the ‘lowest cost of Umrah ever‘, in the Ebook we have added this recent Umrah trip review with no more than 400 Sar needed for duration of the 2 week trip, highlights include heavy focusing in detail on upgrading to Business and First Class free.

A book 12 years in the DIY making with unheard of tips and ways to discount.

Ever seen a Makkah hotel offering stay 5 pay for 4 nights on cash rates?

Don’t miss it.


2. Concierge offers are back.

Itching to travel BIGGER and BETTER without breaking the bank, the way we have showcased for over a decade?

or just wanting to have a concierge extension?

Travel is back with such demand that many airlines, hotels and airports are struggling to cope.

Our now or never concierge offers – 21 July to 30 July

Travel the TL way:


I can send you info on our elitist loyalty concierge, where you book Diy (per room not per person) at the worlds largest branded hotels, get all the amazing upgrades, free breakfast, free extra guest, complimentary lounge access, free nights ahead and best of all bulk of spend back in points to travel the world free as you may have seen on countless of our post on YouTube and Instagram (@traveloyalty),Umrah included, not forgetting how to do 1st class and Business class for pennies through the hundreds of tickets highlighted on our social media above. If this intrigues you or in your future let me know :



3. Daily Getaways 2022

Previews start on 11 July. Offers begin 18 July.

Don’t know what Daily Getaways are? Its exclusive travel deals to consumers at up to 60% off, ranging from loyalty points, hotel stays, gift cards and more to provide consumers the opportunity to enjoy the best destinations, hotels and attractions.

TL concierge members get the finer details to being successful to maximizing these, best of all, one can buy points over and above your yearly limits.

You name it – TL has maxed it!

Access Daily getaways HERE


4. Hilton Summer Sale

Access the offer HERE


5. Maldives Overwater upgrades

First come – first served overwater villa upgrades until 30 November.

From R31,150 pps on All inclusive meal plan. Includes 7x nights with return flights and transfers.

Email: info@traveloyalty.co.za


Sign up everyone you know to our free newsletter, tell them about our world exclusive offers, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter + Instagram+ subscribe on Youtube and NEVER miss a great deal.

All @traveloyalty

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






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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