Mauritius – South Coast

MOVENPICK  ile Maurice

by Zerbit (age9)

DSC03840My very first trip overseas was to the island of Mauritius. I was 6 years old then. I stayed on the south coast of the island in the Movenpick hotel. I had no idea what to expect .

I was lucky to fly in the front in business class from saa voyager miles special.

The flight was not too long under 4 hours and quick through the sir soorwasingulam something airport to have Kailash our transport friend waiting for us with name tag. He works for a company that’s rates are so much less than what is offered.

It took one hour drive to get to the hotel which by then was night time.











Business class seat on SAA  was standard and coudn’t go down into a bed 🙁










Good’bye Madagascar

DSC03781 DSC03782


















Movenpick check in reception

DSC03784 DSC03785



















My room was huge, im sure it was a upgrade










The bath was the biggest ever seen

DSC03787 DSC03792 DSC03791 DSC03790




































Exploring the resort on the 1st morning










Best breakfast in the world is coco pops and unlimited nuttela pancake










The spa at the resort

DSC03798 DSC03803 DSC03802 DSC03800




































Say cheese

DSC03807 DSC03813 DSC03809




























Glass bottom boat ride










Lunch time served on the beach

DSC03822 DSC03825 DSC03824 DSC03823




































This is the private club with all day eats and drinks. Toasted Marlin followed by more nutella. I love nutella

DSC03833 DSC03841  DSC03839 DSC03836 DSC03834













































Fun in the sun and rainbow

DSC03847 DSC03848


















A trip to  the windy Soulliac. Big waves here

DSC03856 DSC03854 DSC03853





















Up the mountain tour to the waterfalls.

DSC03862 DSC03867 DSC03866 DSC03864




































The clear waters in the South west and perfect waves on the horizon peeling left










Famous Le Mourne mountain

DSC03870 DSC03874
Fresh cold coconuts

DSC03891 DSC03892


















More big waves at the back

DSC03895 DSC03898 DSC03897 DSC03896





































All ready for supper island style

DSC03900 DSC03901 DSC03902 DSC03903 DSC03906














































pics of the sea live on each side of the pier











Ready for My 1st deep sea snorkel. So deep we coudnt see the land.

DSC03910 DSC03913 DSC03912 DSC03911




































The boat ride to the horizon

DSC03918 DSC03921 DSC03919



























Back in one of the 7 pools here











A day taxi hire takes us anywhere on the map we want to go



Snowboarding in Europe

tl snow










Stay tuned

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