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IHG Pointbreaks – February 25th – May 31st, 2015 – preview

IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), the worlds largest hotel and loyalty programme will release a full 140 hotel list tomorrow, Tuesday 24th February 2015.

If you are un-familiar on how to stay for free at top end Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza Hotels kindly read on:

What is Pointbreaks ?

Pointbreaks is the hotel industry’s most economical ( un-matched and un-rivalled) promotion as 140 hotels ( out of 4900 +) are available for the redemption of a mere 5000 points.

How do you earn IHG points ?

You can earn points from stays at hotels or taking up their super lucrative challenges every quarter ( earn minimum 50,000 points by merely spending ZAR 4000 ) 50k in points can be worth a potential  ZAR 60,000 if redeemed at expensive Intercontinental brands on Pointbreaks.

If you don’t have points, Traveloyalty can show you how to manufacture points using this method HERE at a rate of $35 per 5000. ( That’s half the rate the website sells them at ).

You can also buy points on sale offers during the year and earn up to 100% bonus on purchases.

Remember when you book on points you SAVE ON TAXES.

589,000 points = 117 FREE nights worth ....

589,000 points = 117 FREE nights worth ….

In the last few months, many members have shown me how they have worked the above and have earned 200,000 – 600,000 points. ( That’s living in  5* hotels for up to 4 months for free).

Pointbreaks is that good.

IHG have sent out a small preview of the list as follows

•InterContinental Lhasa Paradise, Lhasa, XZ, China
•Crowne Plaza Suites Tequendama Bogota, Colombia
•Hotel Indigo San Jose Forum Costa Rica
•Holiday Inn Genoa City, Genova, Italy
•Holiday Inn Express Tampa-Anderson Rd/Veterans Exp, Florida, United States
•Staybridge Suites West Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
•Candlewood Suites Bloomington, Indiana, United States


If you see a property you like tomorrow MAKES SURE you have sufficient points in you account immediately as the best hotels tend to get booked out very quickly.

Secret Tip: On Wednesday the 25th February 2015 the list will only go live on IHG website here mid afternoon South African time( 9am -11am EST)  BUT you may log into the property you wish to book earlier as they tend to upload the specials individually before loading the full live list on their website.


As per recent change in IHG terms and conditions you may only make 2 reservations per hotel.

Bookings are mostly cancellable up to day of check-in, so if you cant make the journey – cancel it. Your points will come back into your account. YOU CANT LOOSE.

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