Hot tips to book Maldives

All ready to pounce off to the most wanted bucket list destination on Earth? Here are some essential tips to take up (or avoid).

Tips on choosing Maldives offers.

Maldives Islands are all the same, right? No, one couldn’t be more wrong. After all the main draw card for the islands are its blue waters, although some islands are void of this. Found yourself a good deal, best check a little bit further.

Once you land at Male, check your connection to your resort either boat or seaplane thats included in the offer or you might be forking out $200 to $800 per way per guest to get to your destination.

Not all islands are Blue.

Some have seaweed / seagrass on most parts. Some resorts I’ve been to had the premium accommodation set in these greenies that looks like Hardebeeespoort dam, also, not all blues are equal, resorts can range from turquoise waters to emerald colour waters to some in a deep cyan, almost lumious. A few google maps searches or unfiltered hashtags on social media and you would easily be able to tell what colours surround your escape but also what is coral and whats not, see the pics below:

Cringe ! Yes these are some islands in Maldives
Seaweed / Seagrass galore with a even bigger eye sore behind: construction

Wave breakers

Many islands have wave breakers to ensure smooth waters in parts of the lagoon, some resorts have these ugly risen up walls all over.

High rise wave breakers

Man Made Islands:

If you not yearning natural beauty or have never been to an island (not the Beacon but the tropical ones) this might not affect you. Man made islands will mostly have the crushed shells type of sand, perhaps with some white power topped on, similar to ones in Dubai. They also wont have as vibrant snorkeling as reefs are all brought in or still developing ecosystems that will take a decade to flourish. Flown in palms are also strategically and scantly placed voiding that real Maldives feel and experience.

Man made island

User Friendliness %

Many islands have a high percentage of rocky shores, if you a surfer this may be what you are after as these are part and parcel of scoring perfect waves but if you are not, booking a island that has 8% to 15% user friendliness of swim-able beach might not be in your best interest (+budget) as the small percentage of your beach are going to be shared with the whole islands accommodation, even worst, if you book with a tour group its the same people from the airports through all the flights through all the transfers through all the buffet meals and finally all at the same spec of sand, not quite the ideal escape if its privacy you are yearning for.

Too many rocks?

So what Islands are the best?

This truly depends what you are after and what your budget may allow. Are you a novice snorkeler or seasoned pro or perhaps never snorkeled before? Are you after simple sand shore dives or maybe house reef dives or wanting to swim with Whale Sharks. Or simply want the perfect balance of luxury accommodation on a blissful island in excellent waters?

Another topic is the food, are you looking at buffet for all 3 meals or are you a food connoisseur in search of authentic bespoke Ala Carte dishes by renowned chefs. Some resorts may offer a dine around package some will offer a credit for dine around. Maldives is known for its gourmet food, best of the best, which brings us to our next topic:

Over water villas

This is the holy grail of Maldives accommodation, it’s what sets all other trips and accommodations apart. If you able to spend a bit more for this, go for it, its a experience like nothing else on Earth.

Here again not all Over water villas are equal, some are nestled in a sand bed lagoon, some on the ocean where you will hear the waves 24/7, some are on the reef, some inbetween the reef. We have been through heaps of these over the years. My personal preference are ones in the quieter side of a island where I can wake up, run and jump off the back in the morning, also one where its good to snorkle as well as catch fish the nights and days away while relaxing on the deck.

Change on the plane!

Travel in comfort and arrive in comfort

The heat will hit you solid on disembarkation, ensure your hand luggage has island light clothes packed to disembark in. Too often you would see families sweat it out in their uncomfy winter / travel clothes right through emigration / baggage / transfers and resort check in, only to change hours later when in their villa. Not cool at all.

Our Maldives Packages:

We have set packages in the link below that we have strived to avoid all the above by only including high quality islands and resorts that include meal plans, transfers, all taxes and some also will include free covid tests for up to 3 registered guests per villa.

Our Maldives Packages

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