Hong Kong

Hong Kong  + how to hotel hop for free.

Upgrades and more upgrades from flying to premium suite upgrades at the Grand Hyatt, JW Marriott and Renaissance.

Flying in for under zar 900 Business class return on SAA:

If you hail from South Africa you should be well aware that HKG is one of the last left lucks in using our national carrier as SAA to Hong Kong as Business Class goes for only R900 tax return with 66,000 Voyager miles on their JourneyBlitz promotion. (Its such a pity that UAE and India has been dropped as you may have seen the multiple Business Class trips done for R450 on the return with only 21,000 miles in all the previous years).

Split booking tips to further lower the highly discounted ticket only at traveloyalty.com


This is one of the best lucks to grab in the travel loyalty world as its a direct 14 hour lie flat flight.

Starters followed by grilled salmon for mains and pistacio Ice cream x2 for dessert.

SAA Amenity kit includes Crabtree and Evelyn products.

Never ask a under 24 month old what they paid for their ticket,chances are its a whole lot less than the R900 you paid…

Landing in HKG.

Fast track.

You will find train ticket station soon after getting your bags, this takes you to the bus terminal that is a free service to many of the main branded hotels.

A cheaper option is taking the taxi to the nearby outlet mall and then taking the train to your hotel.

The train is fast and comfy with wifi, plenty of bags storage options for even the biggest of families.

The train stops at centralized bus station where you can connect to various hotels for free.

This is where you can hotel hop free and change brands to clock the different bonuses. The bus service has different times and routes so its easy to back track back to the stations rendezvous point and hop on the other bus that will connect to a different hotel or perhaps the next hotel lies on the exact same routing.


Part ONE:

Renaissance by Marriott.

What a modern and top end hotel with service to match, maybe my first ever in room check-in from all my travels, thus far.

No need to que in the empty Platinum lane downstairs, straight to the upgraded bedroom for in-suite check in.





The Booking

Booked standard rates online, as part of the Megabonus Challenge: 2 stays equals a free night certificate, so this+ JW Marriott stay would work. (In the previous year I spent R750 on 2 stays at cheap Protea brands back in South Africa and redeemed the certificate for R15,000 worth of perks and accom at JW Marriott in India). Love this.

marriott plat

The upgrade.

As Platinum member the upgrade was a 1 bedroom suite with a host of platinum perks including laundry and lounge access.

The View.

Welcome note and amenities.

Hong Kong views complimented with a in room identification print by the window.

This is what the Lounge benefits cost normally per person, its free for Gold and Platinum elite members + room occupants.

The Lounge.

Platinum and Gold members only.

Welcome and confirmation desk.


Seating with views.

From one hi-rise lounge to another.

Night time views and delights

Within the Hotel.

The bigger the status the bigger the discount.

HKG is seafood and sushi heaven!


Renaissance shares a pool with Grand Hyatt, making hotel hops easier.


Part TWO:

JW Marriott.

To be honest I only booked this hotel to max on the points for the quarterly promo. Its decor is on the older classical side. However the bathroom amenities and lounge are over the top.

The Upgrade:

Scored a 1 bedroom upgrade as a Platinum Marriott Elite member.

Honestly these are the only amenities I called for more to take home with in the last 5 years of travels.

The Views:

Big city hotel views.

The Lounge:

Elite member card access only.

 The sweets from heaven counter is available all day.

Morning complimentary eats:


 The hotel pool area:




Grand Hyatt.


Hyatt called me at the JW Marriott and insisted on collecting me via complimentary chauffeur. Swell number plate.

Electronic speaker system to communicate with the driver.

Reception and foyer

Exclusive check in for elites, nope not needed in Asia as..

… elites get in-room vip check- in.

The Booking.

3rd night free on Visa promo. Applied top tier Suite upgrade certificate upon booking.

The Upgrade:

As a Hyatt top tier I redeemed one of my suite upgrade certificates and got a plush Harbour suite with Club lounge access. Suite situated on the top floor 36.

Welcome amenity.

Tv infront with harbour view to the left.

The Grand Club.

Asian hotel elite lounge service is truly like no other in the world. Cash prices run at HK$350 for breakfast and HK$375 for evening snacks per person. Elites get this free for the room.

Floor 30 houses the Grand Club.


Extra Perks:

Hyatt’s complimentary list is like no other.

With the suite upgrade came something I’ve never had before: A mobile with unlimited local calls and internet to take with you around Hong Kong on your adventures.

Made good use exploring the many areas with this nifty perk.

Grand Hyatt is truly one of the best.




What to do in Hong Kong.

Ride the train and eat sushi, lots of it, apart from shopping, Hong Kong has always been one of my favorite food cities in the world for sushi as its so freshly available in a variety +  very affordable. Next trip soon I plan to do Hong Kong Disney, as mentioned in my Orlando post, the Hong Kong version is highly discounted.

My nemesis, the Sea Urchin I can tell you numerous stories with this bugger poking and infecting me after surfs with some involving sharks.

Ya Ma Tei – Mong Kok – Kowloon


Update: SAA has recently made changes to the award chart and taxes on JorneyBlitz awards, Hong Kong now will cost R1300 tax with 88,000 miles return.

Throwback to 2004, my first Hong Kong trip:











Not much has changed.

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