Oct 21

Hilton sales + Find hidden cameras in your room + Marriott promo + Emirates 1st class best value route + Accor sale + Hyatt devalues awards+ Radisson promo


1.  Hilton Winter sale.

Starts 9 Nov – 29th May, 2019. EMEA region ( incl South Indian Ocean).

Preview coming soon. 


2.  Hilton LIVE IT UP, DOUBLE UP. Asia Pacific.



3. Hilton India Festivals Sale. Up to – 35% off. 

Book by 24th Oct for stays to 13 Jan, 2019.


Access our dedicated Hilton sale page HERE.


4. Hyatt.  Points + Cash – MAJOR devaluation

hyatt brands

Starting 1 Nov. Hyatt’s  points+cash rates will go up to fixed points + 50% of the published room rates.

Tip: Book before the start date above as many trips  as your points allow ahead to avoid disappointment.

Sad to see yet another set back in what was the worlds best loyalty program under the name Gold Passport.

Read a trip review of Makkah HERE and Zanzibar HERE to get some idea just how good it was.


5. Marriott 29 WAYS TO STAY. Ends Nov 1st, 2018.

Now, for a limited time, play 29 Ways to Stay for your chance to win instant prizes, including points and stays.*

Access the offer HERE.


6.  Accor STAY FOR 3 PAY FOR 2.

See the terms in link below for booking and stay period to Feb, 2019.

Access the offer HERE.


7. Radisson Rewards. 50k points for 4 stays.

Valid for stays booked and completed September 17, 2018 through December 28, 2018.

Access the offer HERE.


8. Hong Kong airfares are set to change.

In November Hong Kong ( HKG) will allow airlines to load YQ / YR taxes. What this means: goodbye to all the lucks of flying premium reward Business class for R1300 return with SAA into and also an increase on departing  First and Business class out of HKG.

One of my favourite 1st class reward flights that will be changing:

I believe this is the longest one can fly for the least amount of money in 1st class.

That’s over 25 hours over 2 flights worth of 1st class for R1060 ( Normal cash price R189,000) + have access to Emirates 1st class lounge in Dubai, see my trip review HERE.

The last part of the lounge with direct boarding gates in the background.

If you planning to max your awards asap before the increase, use my tips posted in my Youtube account HERE.


9. Avios is changing… Taxes increasing.

Save Money on Flights

See the update HERE.


10. How to find hidden cameras in your room.

For those who frequent Airbnb and self catering places alike there has been plenty spike in reports of hidden cameras found especially after the movie ’13 Cameras’ was released.

I came across this excellent article some days back with plenty of tips for those who are still in the unawares. Do share it.

Personally I’ve been through Airbnb on 3 separate 1 night stays.

The first time was in the snow some years back. The home owner seemed to walk up and down the steps during the night to my upstairs room and tried to open my locked room door on one occasion. It was super creepy.

The second was in Seychelles, needed a place close to harbor jetty, it was expensive, basic, not clean, bathroom had the type of shower you would want to use flip flops in. Charged me half room rate for an extra bed. Left early next day.

Third was in Hawaii, went to look at a place, it was multiple rental rooms with shared kitchen, walked in and walked out. Scored a better deal through Rocketmiles at the North Shore of Oahu’s only hotel.

Access the find hidden cameras read HERE.


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