May 21

Hilton Hhonors Mega Sale Fri 23rd only

How I am gonna save

R35,000.00 off a

20 night Hilton stay

by only paying a TOTAL of R5100.00 and you can too.

Via Daily Getaways, Hilton Hhonors points will be available for purchase on Friday 23rd May 2014, 1pm Eastern Time ( Should be 7pm local time in South Africa) Access the offer here

100,000 Hhonors points will set you back a mere $550, + a additional 10% off if you pay with American Express = Total $495.

100,000 Hhonors points can buy you 20 free nights at a Category 1 Hilton Hotel at 5000 points per night.

I have a personal write up of Hilton Salalah in Oman, which is a Category 1, access the read here.

Hhonors Gold gives one a upgrade and free breakfast. TRAVELOYALTY offers this faster with immediate Silver and only 4 stays to Gold. Access our offer here (usualy you’d need to slog it out through 40 nights per year to attain Gold).

The packages are limited, total of all 3 is only 560 on the Daily Getaways site. They should sell out in the 1st few minutes so make sure you keep refreshing from a few minutes before it goes live so as not to miss out.

Use any American addy for billing and points will be shipped within 10 working days to your Hhonors account.

A link for Hilton.com here, you may find a hotel and do the math and see if points will help you score over the cash paying nightly rate.

Remember Hilton Hhonors points do not expire pending account activity once during a 12 month cycle.

Next week: IHG points on sale – Heres how Im gonna score 5 star Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza for $28 per night (and not the usual $35..)

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more free stays, more often.






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