Aug 02

Free R150 chauffeured trip + 50000 HHonors bonus points for just a 4 night stay.

1) Free R150 credit with UBER chauffer service.


Click this link: https://www.uber.com/invite/ubertraveloyalty

Country registration dependant you could even get $20 – $30.  Download their app.

Download UBER for iphone HERE and android HERE.

What is UBER?

UBER is a chauffeured service available in 58 countries ( yep, they huge) instead of waving down a taxi or having the hotel call it for you, you take out your phone, open the UBER app and submit a chauffeured request. Your driver’s details will appear on the screen and you’ll be able to track your driver via gps on the app. The meter only starts from the moment you get in the car until you get out again, you don’t even have to worry about bringing money or how much tip you should leave, everything is done automatically. Your invoice will be emailed to you and it gets charged to your credit card or PayPal account. Convenient hey ? Its also cheaper than taxi’s + you can earn hotel loyalty points.

uber credit uber share

There is more:

spg uber

Link your UBER with your SPG.

spg brands

With TraveLoyalty’s exclusive package you can earn DOUBLE the SPG points as normal. Quicker free stays.

spg uber2

Sign up or link it HERE.

2) Hilton 50000 bonus points for 4 nights !!!

I’m doing this asap, if the link is not yet live, call Hilton toll free 0800996834 and request promo: “HHonors 50 Promotion “. If you a constant reader of my newsletters you will know 50k HHnonors points could be worth R70,000+ when used right over 10 free nights.


Register for this offer HERE

3) Hyatt 500 bonus gp booking through app.

Earn 500 Bonus Points at Hyatt Hotels  Book a Hyatt hotel on your mobile phone and stay by September 30, 2015 to earn 500 Hyatt Gold Passport® bonus points. Book Now

To earn 500 Hyatt Gold Passport points under this offer, you must book a new stay on an Eligible Rate through the Hyatt App or the Hyatt Mobile Site. Both reservation and stay must be made and completed August 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015


The most wise way to go on holiday is to have your spend as an investment with plenty to show and use for after check-out. All other travellers get nothing on check-out. Travel wisely. Travel the TraveLoyalty way.

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