Dubai has a very convenient Holiday Inn express situated outside the airport (with free shuttle service every 30 mins)for late flight and early flights its a huge saver. Breakfasts are pretty decent too. Booked one night and being IHG Platinum they allowed me to leave my surfboard coffin in the baggage room for the duration of my stay in Dubai. I normally do that at hotels near airports, saves me the hassle of carrying the 30kg coffin on roofs of cars and into rooms at other hotels in cities + its at no charge unlike expensive by the hour rate at the airports baggage storage facilities

Over the years Dubai has been a shoppers paradise but outside of there annual Dubai shopping Festival (roundabout January each year)  you’d be hard pressed to find any decent bargains. Even the hidden lock and bolted backdoor fake good shops located in the flats at the souks for branded bags, shoes and watches are waaay overpriced. You could wait for a sale in South Africa and get the original at the same price as a fake or shop in Hong Kong or New York you could get the same goods 4x less.

To give you a eg: I was offered a Rayban sunglass at 150aed (+-R400) in one of these hidden places after negotiations and taking 2 the price dropped to 70 aed (+-180). Arriving back in Johannesburg the same same sunglass was offered to me at a Crown Mine Intersection for R40 (and that’s the starting price!)

Try the famous Candylicious store at the malls if you know your choclates . Lindt, Toblerone, Ferrero and Hersheys. All are way cheaper at home or in the far east and far west countries including Saudi and Oman. Galaxys .. here you in for a treat. Food prices are heavy, bring a long wallet.



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This neat brand spanking new hotel just opened its doors amidst plenty of construction.

Located opposite the Burj Khalifa its idealy located centrally in Dubai for business or hotel hopping alike.

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Traditional indian dressed porters awaits your baggage

Blingd-out foyer chandelier’s draped down 3 floors

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Electrical one-touch blinds is standard in all rooms of this new hotel


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In room complimentary chocolates and coke

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Super modern xxl sized bathrooms with artwork pieces even in the loo

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Above: the Oberoi and surroundings

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Complimentary Mercedes shuttle to the Dubai Mall

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The Address

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Fairmont the Palm had this offer, but I opted to go with Atlantis for the remainder of  the stay. If you haven’t done Atlantis you’ve missed out during your Dubai trip big time, it truly is something else.(Read more on my write up on it under my LATEST TRIPS link)


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