Feb 22

Don’t miss this: Instant Etihad Gold, Star Alliance Gold, Emirates Silver and Gold, Qatar Gold – Oneworld + Exclusive status with Marriott + Transit in AUH + History to be made in Vegas.

1) Traveloyalty’s instant Star Alliance Gold.

star alliance gold

The offer (which normally requires 240 local economy flights) is available.

Read more on  the offer HERE.

It comes with R25000 benefit of 4x seat upgrades and 2x 50% off seat coupons.

…but it doesn’t end there.

You can match your Star Alliance Gold to Etihad Gold via todays new offer HERE and below (don’t delay).

You can also match to Air Berlin Gold ( Oneworld ) and have royal treatment on Qatar flights.

Your can also request one tier upgrade with Emirates, so if you Skywards Silver you can get Skywards Gold. Skywards Silver gets lounge access at DXB hub.

emirates mail

Normally the cash spend to get all of the above would run well over 1.2 Million Rand and is a near impossibility in terms of time given in a calendar year requirement from all the airline alliances.

2) Instant Etihad Gold offer.

etihad gold

Access the Offer HERE.

3) Abu Dhabi hub and Etihad Gold benefits.


Read the trip review HERE.

4) Marriott takes over Africa tomorrow – 23/02/15.

Hello Marriott Platinum.

Hello Marriott Platinum.

Traveloyalty has another separate breaking world exclusive deal of instant Gold and Platinum (normal Requirement 50 and 75 nights per year respectively).

The benefits of elite status in Marriott HERE.

Read more on Marriott HERE and HERE.

5) Pacquiao vs Mayweather – History to be made in Vegas.

The worlds biggest and richest boxing match in history takes place on May 2nd 2015 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

A guaranteed purse of R1.45 Billion Rand for Mayweather and R900 Million for Pacquiao for roughly a maximum of 36minutes work awaits.

Match ticket prices may be crazy but accommodation in a suite could be free utilising points and guarantee via elite status in many of the sold out hotels.



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