Discounted airfares anytime

Everyone is after the best possible fare. In this read you will get insight into getting your international flights discounted and your local ones as well.

For this discount to work you will have to use a reputable travel agency. I personally don’t utilise a travel agent other than this because:

1) Per person rates on packages adds up to be way more expensive than DIY (do it yourself).

2) Hotels don’t honour benefits, points( which earns multiple free future stays) and presidential suite upgrades or recognise elite status if booked through a third party (OTA – online travel agents like, kayak etc. included).

3) Hotels all offer BRG ( best rate guarantee), where you may get the room for free or a percentage discounted off what agency’s may offer.

Likewise, most travel agents have a policy in place of BEST AIRFARE GUARANTEE. (Some claim they will let you fly for free or pay you R5000 if the quote cant be matched as outlined below).


If your agent is other than a branded one ask them about their BEST AIRFARE GUARANTEE policy. Most of the branded travel agency’s should have this advertised on their respective websites with the added benefits.

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Each travel agent will have their own terms and conditions for the airfare beat. I’ve had luck with both economy and business class special fares further discounted as below.


Economy Airfare.


Business Class Airfare.

 ABOVE & BELOW: If you come across some ridiculously low airfare specials it will make sense to get them further discounted and not use your miles to redeem the flight.

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ABOVE: Return airfare special of R2959 from Johannesburg to Mumbai is less than what you would pay in taxes redeeming 74000 voyager miles on SAA / Star Alliance network and yes it was further discounted.

How it works:

1. Go in and see a good travel agent personally. Build a steady relationship over time which makes booking processes easier in the future.

Tip: I often sign pre-auth credit card forms before I leave SA by my agent and then submit my proof of airfares I need to have beaten from abroad via email, who in-turn can process the necessary without me being present. This way I’m never stuck when a deal fly’s by.

2. Enquire from the agent what their policies are regarding Best Airfare Guarantee.

3. You will be required to submit a proof of the current airfare deal you would like beaten. Most airlines will offer you 24-72 hours + to make payment, this is the time you take the printout or email to the agent.


Tip: On some airlines you can choose the biggest and best planes with options of higher bonus miles.

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4. Make sure your travel plans are firm as you will be required to pay the full amount within the same day the fare is beaten.

5. Some agents will take the full amount first and then credit 10% back into your card as a second transaction.



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