Jul 11

Breaking deal: Star Alliance Gold offer + seamless VISA services + Hyatt promo tip worth R7500.


1) Star Alliance GOLD. Very Limited.

BONUS 2 YEAR VALIDITY on the worlds biggest airline alliance. 

Traveloyalty has 10 6 Star Alliance Gold statuses left on offer. This very rare offer is first come first served.

star alliance gold

More than 1000+ lounges are at your disposal to relax, shower and complimentary eats and drinks.

More than 1000+ lounges are at your disposal to relax, shower and complimentary eats and drinks.

The normal requirement to attain Gold status in Star Alliance is about 240 economy domestic flights or about 12 international business class flights per calendar year costing about R250,000.

Having airline status is extremely valuable for any savvy traveller. The main benefits include:

Business class check-in.

Lounge access to more than 1000+ international Star Alliance operated.

Priority Boarding.

Extra Baggage allowance.

Priority baggage handling.

Bonus miles.

Business class upgrade on overbooked flights.

Star Alliance Members.

Star Alliance Members.

Bag off first. A Star Alliance GOLD perk. Love speed, hate waits.

Some airports offer direct boarding from lounge to plane.

Some airports offer direct boarding from lounge to plane.

2) Seamless VISA UAE service.

Its amazing how many readers have taken advantage of SAA’s R2109 economy and R12089  Business class return airfare to Abu Dhabi in MARCH, as well as the R450 Business Class return leg on SAA in April read more HERE and HERE.

Contact zaheer@traveloyalty.co.za for more info if you would like seamless VISA application to UAE and possibly other parts of the globe.

NO bank statements needed.

NO proof of address needed.

NO Rica, Fica and all that crap.

NO 8 pages long forms to fill out ( per person ).

NO need to take out costly 2x passport pic’s to apply.

NO need to costly DHL passports cross country to n fro.

Just send through a pic of your passport and get your visa mailed to your inbox.

In the future I shall write more on visas and the way easier methods for TraveLoyalty readers ( only SA passports) who can take advantage of as I integrate them into trips ahead. Theory into proof.

3) Hyatt targeted promo? Here is a work around it…

Get this one stay in asap. 3000 Hyatt Gold Passport points normally takes R7500 in spend to attain.


What can you do with Hyatt Gold Passport Points?

Book a free night from 5000 points. Have a look at the level Hyatt is at in 2 trips HERE and HERE. Love this brand.

As mentioned this offer is targeted via email but..


Copy and paste the following URL in your browser with your Hyatt Gold Passport number eg: “123456789D” in the end by xxxxxxxxxx and you will be able to register for this offer and score:

URL to copy —– >  http://hyatthotels.hyatt.com/content/partnerlandingpage/en/3KSTAY115.html?gpnumber=525554493E&prmcd=3KSTAY115&offrcd=STND&src=agn_ecm_em_gp_solo_EU_en_20150618_masthead1_3KSY115NAR7ENT_G-XXXXXXXXXXX

Registration success. Now to get the 3000 points loaded..

Registration success. Now to get the 3000 points loaded..

Thanks for reading.

Regards, Zaheer B.

The most wise way to go on holiday is to have your spend as an investment with plenty to show and use for after check-out. All other travellers get nothing on check-out. Travel wisely. Travel the TraveLoyalty way.

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