TRAVELOYALTY.com is developed by Zaheer Bhyat.  Raised on the reefs of the South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province shoreline. Over the years he used proven methods to fly first class in the best airlines and stay in the best of suites in the worlds most sought after dreamy destinations on minimal spending using loyalty points and miles blended with elite status programmes.

Out of this “big travel with small spend”  way,  traveloyalty.com was born as a website that has all the up to date promotions of the worlds best airliners and hotel groups. Not long after this inception Traveloyalty has upgraded itself into a concierge loyalty based programme handling all needs and advices of its esteemed clients who want to experience the best for less.

As a renowned loyalty and reward programme expert he has been a consultant to many international hotel chains and airline brands over the years and has travelled to more countries than the digits on the oldest living person you may know.

His Instagram @traveloyalty is followed by many of the worlds biggest airlines and hotels CEO’s and VP’s, just see the recent insight tips into his Etihad posts and their comments of praise for his out the square methods to score travel even further.

In this website he shares insights, tips, tricks and the occasional travel-hack that comes along to all readers and savvy travellers alike.

Then there is the addiction of escaping monotony into the fantastic world of lucrative worldly travels.

You see the perks of  elite travel includes.. wait perhaps lets rather start what it excludes, when you travel as an elite you don’t need to pay for electricity / utility / water bill, you don’t need to pay for a domestic cleaner, you don’t even need to buy groceries by standing in a que as every thing comes complimentary via executive lounge access in hotels and airports.

Happy in paying ZAR 900 for a return Business class return ticket to Hong Kong.

You will soon realise that what TraveLoyalty is doing to the travel industry is similar to the disruption what the iPad has done to the PC industry or what Amazon has done to the bookstore industry maybe even what emails has done to the post office industry and simply put that is revolutionising a market and the way people do things in life.

So what else makes Traveloyalty different?

Unlike other travel websites (or tv travel programmes) which never discloses trip and accommodation costs and renders the audiences the assumption that its totally unaffordable, here all trip methods of booking on points and cash discounts are screenshot for proof purposes proving how anyone and everyone can travel better, travel further and travel more for less.

You are about to read and gain knowledge that WILL change the way you travel forever.

score more free stays, more often.


Traveling as an investment.

This is what you want and should strive for all the time. Who on earth enjoys paying overpriced crazy per person rates that begets losses ensuring that you have to open your wallet again the next time you want to go on a adventure? Makes zero financial sense in a time when everybody is a bargain hunter and no one likes to overpay. This is your time to get all the knowledge and products you need to make a 180.

When you utilise loyalty programmes at elite levels, checking out will be a new found excitement as you will eagerly await the loyalty points and the bonus points to be loaded for future free travel. You can even buy points on a bonus point sale and book a mixture of points+cash rates to discounts expensive stays if need be, options are endless, when flying make use of family bonuses and book on triple miles promos to ensure the miles pile up quickly for highly discounted lucrative first and business class flights”

We all have seen the ad “specials” on overseas travel in newspapers & in windows at our local malls, seems expensive going abroad doesn’t it? Answer is no, Traveloyalty has the blue print – step by step on how DIY can be CHEAPER than living at home.

The worlds top branded hotels and the worlds best airlines, at your disposal. There is nothing wrong with going backpacking on a budget BUT if you could pay the same amount for 5* hotel blended with elite status for complimentary suite upgrades and complimentary food with lounge access on the VIP floor, which will you choose?

Traveloyalty is committed to saving.

Most contact numbers for the loyalty programmes linked are toll-free.

Here’s a tip: I often call the banks toll free number from a landline to connect to the credit card helpline who in-turn can transfer you to your frequent flyer helpline, you can book tickets this way.

Now, here’s another tip: Availability searches take some time on the phone so ideally you’d want the knowledge of a travel agent regarding the exact flight number and departure time before you call. This is how you get all the intel over HERE.

If you don’t have a landline or are out and about, remember banks have helplines inside which can do the same as above.

3 Defining trips in my life leading to starting traveloyalty.com

1) 1997 – December.

Pilgrimage to Mecca.

I got invited to the top of the range hotel – Hilton Towers for 2 nights from family that came from Riyadh. It was amazing as I was staying quite far up the road by the name of Shubaika at a simple mattress in walled apartment. Hilton was right on the marble, the closest proximity, I ( tried) to sleep in the window sill seating that gave me a slight rooftop view of the Ka’bah, this was heaven.

Little did I know come 2015 December my website traveloyalty would sell out a huge percentage of reward night bookings at this hotel, so much so that not even I could get dates here in which sent me to competitor hotels next door of Hyatt and Marriott.

During 2016 June,  the peak fasting month, Ramadhaan, as many as 200 rooms + were confirmed booked by our subscribers at the new Conrad on points. Where some people paid 300k cash for 10nights, our newsletter showed how to do it for 22k. Mammoth savings so many took advantage of.

2) 2004 – June.

Quick jaunt to Hong Kong.

A close friend and national airline employee offered me a tax only ticket to Hong Kong, at this time travel to destinations with no surf made 0 sense, however, I opted in but had to sell my beloved Playstation2 and games to come up with the taxes to be paid, its all I had and the good hearted nature of the friends I had gave me room to sleep in their hotel, I set my pillow and sheet up on the floor as a bed as I have been accustomed to on many trips and surf adventures.

Come a few short years later, August 2016, I revisited Hong Kong and stayed at the finest hotels the skyline boasts and even the finest suites within these hotels with lounge / grand club access as standard perks associated with the elite statuses.

3) 2012 – December

Diplomatic mission to Washington DC.

Being part of the tender contingent for the new SA smart ID card, there I was in the Grand Hyatt lift, a gentleman walked in, opened his wallet, took out a plastic card and swiped it and pressed the top floor for the Grand Club – all day eats and snacks with the royal treatments.Wow, I want this I thought, infact I want to get this for everyone to experience, as most of the top GM’s and Ceo’s were at this conference over 4 days, the idea of educating the world on travel made easy via a website would be such an adventure, especially the ability of communicating with the GM’s and Ceo’s during the conferences. The rest is history but still a enormous work in progress.

Changing the game of travel in the foot steps of other companies that revolutionised their industries.

Changing the game of travel in the foot steps of other companies that revolutionized their industries.

TraveLoyalty was initially set up to help affordable backpack type travel in the cheapest places with the least amount of money spent. What I learnt very soon was that everyone can go 5 star plush ( even on Umrah ) and do it free for weeks upon weeks at a time.

Traveloyalty.co.za migrated internationally into traveloyalty.com within one year of starting up and is a leading unique luxury blog the world over. As the pencil scribbled slogan on the above header confirms all you will find in our Elite Feedback link.

2016 TraveLoyalty had a tally of 251 boarding passes.

2016 TraveLoyalty had a tally of 251 boarding passes.



Catching up with the worlds most well known Hotel CEO ( and President of WTTC) Mr. Chris Nassetta ( right ) and VP Mr. Simon Vincent ( Left ) from Hilton Worldwide during a lounge morning of the start of the Africa Hotel Conference in Kenya, October, 2018.

At the Conference in Kenya with VP of Marriott. October, 2018.

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