Feb 28

A new Elite offer + discounted points and cash promo.

1) Breaking Deal: Top tier in the worlds largest hotel group with bonuses.

TraveLoyalty has a limited quantity of top tier IHG Spire Elite memberships on promotion applicable to our current Elite travellers only.

Here is the deal:

Top level Spire Elite membership valid to 2019.

spire elite

Spire Elite level normally takes 75 paid nights ‘per calendar year’ to attain.


Free 75,000 IHG reward points loaded.

-Another Bonus:

Free gift Platinum to a friend or family member or claim 25,000 points for yourself.

Platinum status is normally earned after 60 paid nights ‘per calendar year’.

-Another Bonus

I’ll throw in another 10,000 IHG Reward Club points just for the heck of it..

ALL the 3 above are not optional choices they are ALL included.

Sounds good? Ready to pack bags? Email zaheer@traveloyalty.co.za to take up the promo.

What do points normally cost to buy over and above ?

IHG sells points at a yearly maximum of 60,000 for $690.

ihg points cost

What can one do with all these points?

At best you can get 22 FREE nights during IHG Pointbreaks promo that is run 4x per annum. Its a un-matched un-rivalled promo in the hotel industry that has 140x of their hotels over the world for 3 months at a time.( Use our dedicated search window on the website to type ‘pointbreaks’ if you are unfamiliar with this promotion.

What about over the top properties like an overwater villa on a romantic island to travel like a Kardashian?



int bora pts


The current worlds largest hotel chain has nearly 6000 hotels across 100 countries in the brands below:

Access all the perks for Platinum and Spire HERE.

Upgrades Upgrades Upgrades?

Everyone loves em. I have detailed trip reviews using the lower Platinum Elite status in:




The capital of Turkey

to Mauritius ( see this 360sq meter Presidential suite upgrade).

I often save the points especially for Pointbreaks promo and regularly book 18-36 free nights as in 2 recent back to back year trips to Madinah.

Wow, Anything else?

Elite 5star status with Hertz car rentsl for private check in que and upgraded rental.

There is more below:

2) IHG promo on cash+points bookings for Elites.

Book ( or manufacture) by 30 March 2017 and stay before 30 April 2017.

Discounts as follows: 10% for Gold Elite. 12% for Platinum Elite. 15% for Spire Elite.

Save 15% on Points & Cash Bookings

Save on cash+points bookings depending on your elite status.

Save on cash+points bookings depending on your elite status.

Tip: This works brilliantly well to manufacture points as needed when they not on sale as IHG refunds the cash portion of the booking in points ONLY. So the higher your tier the cheaper you can discount your stays ahead. Read the info on how to do it HERE.

Another saving: Remember when you book on points you save on taxes.

Access the cash+points offer HERE.

The most wise way to go on holiday is to have your spend as an investment with plenty to show and use for after check-out. All other travellers get nothing on check-out. Travel wisely. Travel the TraveLoyalty way.

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Follow the links in yellow to make sure you never late on getting a breaking deal notification from TraveLoyalty on Facebook and Instagram above.


more free stays, more often.


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